Monday, 21 December 2015

Blog Update #4

Blog Update #4

Hello everyone,

So this weeks post was meant to be a new 3D Printed Project, but I've been so busy with printing things and other stuff, I've not decided fully on the next project, so instead here's a Blog Update to keep you all up to speed on what's going on at 3D Printing Reviews HQ.

First off.

My 3D Printers

So I've added blog post about my 3D printers to page on the blog so that it's easy to find for you all and for me to update and speaking of my printers I have purchased another 1, lol.

This was an Ebay find and I'm very happy to have won it, it's an Arduino Materia 101. It's in kit form and with my NFire 1 also being a kit and arriving early next year it may be some time before I build it but I've already got plans to add a heated bed and auto levelling probe.


I want 2016 to be even better for my 3D Printing adventure and to gain more experience so I'm going to attempt to print a print every week in 2016 or a part of a print if it's a large thing.

The plan would be to time-lapse video these prints and publish them on my YouTube channel and just post a short blog post along with it.

Filament Samples

As most of you will no I sample filaments through Global FSD, I've just taken a short break from this to pursue other filament offers (Which I hope to get more of wink wink) but I hope to continue with sampling filaments from Global FSD very soon.

My Media Links

So as I said earlier I have a YouTube channel, which currently only has 3 subscribers i'd love to increase this more and that's why I want to do more videos be that time-lapse or review videos. 

As well as the YouTube channel I also have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. Please feel free to visit all of these and like, comment and subscribe ;-).

So that's all for now, thanks for reading and until next time keep printing.


If any of my readers have some suggestions on ways to achieve better results with prints or on the format of my review please comment below, I'll gladly try out your suggestions.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

NFire 1 Beta Event

NFire 1 Beta Event

Today's blog post is all about the NFire 1 from NFire Labs, The Worlds First Truly Modular 3D Printer designed by Alex Youden.

So I'm sure you all would have seen my posts about the NFire 1 Kickstater, and how excited I'm to be a backer well I was able to attend the first beta testing event for the NFire 1 in Hull, which was actually cancelled but due to my work schedule Alex was kind enough to let me visit him and talk about the NFire 1 one to one.

So let me start by introducing NFire Labs,

"NFire Labs is a start-up company based in Hull, UK. The aim is to produce affordable, quality products which have a maker in mind. NFire is proud to release the worlds first fully modular 3D printer so it can grow with you and your 3D printing adventures!"

The NFire 1 is a delta style printer, with the main component of the printer being laser cutting acrylic (Ino-plaz which also is a UK company) which I have to say looks great in the flesh. 

The current plan I believe Alex is working to is having a limited selection of colours available to choose from, this is a change from the Kickstater campaign where over 20 were available. As you'll see from the pictures later in the post the printer will actually be made from a coloured acrylic with black or white acrylic parts.

The NFire 1 will use a E3D hotend, with either a V6 lite or Cyclops (dual colour). Once again Alex has chosen the best parts for his printer, I personally haven't used a E3D hotend but from all the reviews I read it is a very popular company/product and again a UK based company. (Might have to get myself one for the Printrbot Metal Plus?)

The electronics being sent with the printer will be a complete RAMPS 1.4 set-up, with the option to add your own LCD if you wish, but Alex tells me he plans on offering these and other add-ons later, add-ons such as a heated bed or auto levelling.

Another slight change to the Kickstater is the build area, this was originally going to be 150mm x 150mm x 150mm however Alex found that the lengths he was purchasing the metal extrusions in resulted in a wasted 50mm once they were cut so instead the standard NFire 1 will now have 200mm Z axis and those who purchased the Z axis upgrade will now get 350mm.

So that's enough talking let's take a look at the NFire 1 from Alex Youden.

So as you can see the NFire 1 is a lovely looking printer and you'll also notice myself and Alex didn't quite finish the build, we had one day (6 hours minus lunch break and a lot of talking 3D printing and tech) and as NFire Labs were is the process of moving to another building some parts had already been moved but the main structure is there and I learnt a lot from the day plus I want to explore the printer when I get mine :-).

I was able to point out a few little niggles with the build process and Alex was very open to my suggestions, that's actually the point of the beta events I believe to get some fresh eyes on the NFire 1 and to make it as best as it can be.

As you can see the coloured acrylic looks nice and the 2 colour idea works well. The reason for the 2 colours is because of how the acrylic is made and with the slot together design the tolerances are tight meaning that some parts need to be either the standard black or white acrylic.

You also notice the rather cool looking build plate, that's a custom BuildTak Alex has had made and will be supplied with all NFire 1's, I use BuildTak on my Printrbot Metal Plus and it's great.

Moving on from the actual build, I asked Alex about the future on the NFire 1 following the completion of the Kickstarter, and although there is no current release date Alex is looking sell the NFire 1 both through Amazon and from the NFire Labs website.

Speaking of the NFire Labs website, I asked Alex about the support and community possibilities for the NFire 1 and it is planned to have a forum hosted on the website where support questions can be answered and where I hope we will see a NFire 1 community grow.

Well that's about it for the NFire 1 and I really can't wait to start printing with it, I'll be blogging the whole build and first print process and well as any mods I design or find in follow up blogs.

Thanks for reading and until next time keep printing.




If any of my readers have some suggestions on ways to achieve better results with prints or on the format of my review please comment below, I'll gladly try out your suggestions.